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Cross-border datacenters

General information about the Cross-border data center concept and sustainability.

Optimal redundancy

Borderless security

Sustainable availability

Cross-border data centers

A cross-border Twin-Datacenter-Concept is a cross-border datacenter concept in which a location is located in two different countries. These are connected to each other by means of multiple dark fibers, enabling real-time data transport and backup. Both locations are located within a radius of 15 kilometers.

Systemec has realized this concept by building a datacenter in the Netherlands and linking it to a simultaneously built datacenter in Germany. Due to the spread of the datacenters over Germany and the Netherlands, Systemec and its relations can benefit from, among other things, two independent energy networks and multiple international carriers, further increasing the availability of the datacenters and approaching 100%.

The locations in Venlo (NL) and Nettetal (G) make use of two separate energy networks: Enexis (NL) & Stadtwerke Nettetal (G). This significantly reduces the chance of a simultaneous power outage in both datacenters. As a result, your data and applications remain available from one of the two datacenters.

Sustainability Systemec datacenters

Systemec is committed to sustainability. All (new) projects are aimed at working as "green" as possible with minimal CO2 emissions.

The data center DC19 in Venlo has been developed on the basis of a PUE < 1.2. This very low PUE value has been realized by using very innovative cooling technology, free air cooling. This cooling technique was delivered by a German company, which won the "German Datacenter Innovation Award" for their concept. Currently, this concept is frequently used by the German government. The Systemec datacenter in Venlo is the first in the Netherlands, which has been built in this innovative way. Residual heat is also made suitable for reuse.

The power supply is based on green electricity. Our emergency power supply is also built on a unique concept. The emergency power supply (generator) is based on a new development of MAN engines. This type of engine is suitable for the use of liquefied natural gas (GTL) and possibly diesel, which can be used interchangeably. It is also called a "hybrid" engine. Standard liquefied natural gas is used, which generates minimal CO2 emissions. This way, the datacenter continues to run on free-air-cooling even in emergency situations. Diesel is only used when the regular supply of liquefied natural gas is not possible.

The construction facilities are based on 100% recycling. For example, the roofing is made of white plastic, which results in a lower internal temperature (=less cooling). The indoor climate is equipped with heat pumps and the systems are modular to minimize losses.

What if your primary location fails due to a calamity?

With a risk analysis, you determine your Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs). Based on this, a plan can be drawn that includes a backup and fallback. In case of fallback, at least 2 locations are used, such as the datacenter Venlo and the datacenter in Nettetal (Germany), to keep both data and applications available at all times.


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We always respond within 24 hours On working days.

We always respond within 24 hours On working days.

Available between 08:00 and 17:00 o’clock from Monday until Friday.


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