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woensdag 21 april 2021 | news

The new Systemec Service platform

With our growth as an organisation, we have also taken the next step in our service platform. This new platform, from Connectwise and of course hosted in our own datacenters, will give our helpdesk better tools to serve our clients even better.

The first customers are already using our new platform, in May the migration will be completed and all service tickets will run through this new platform.

Language version

Due to the further internationalisation of our customer base, this system is also in English with the standard status messages. Of course we will respond in English, Dutch or German, as you are used to.


Support requests

We remain available on the same telephone numbers, but we have changed the primary e-mail addresses of the servicedesk:

This separation offers our customers the possibility to directly reach the correct department in order to further reduce waiting time. In the unlikely event that the wrong address is used, we will take care of the correct internal redirection.

Naturally, the current e-mail address will remain active. This is currently still linked to the "old" ticket system and will also be automatically switched to the new system at the beginning of May.


Our relations can get insight in all tickets of their organisation through a portal. Please contact us for access.

Remote management

The platform that we use to remotely manage equipment has also been updated.
With this software, we can keep your equipment up-to-date even more finely, monitor processes and provide remote support more easily.
This equipment is also directly visible in our helpdesk platform so that the helpdesk employee immediately has all information at his disposal.


Other improvements

A much requested feature is the display of the entire conversation of a ticket. This has been taken care of with this platform.
Also, the communication regarding the status of a ticket has been improved and the relation is kept up to date more actively.
Furthermore, a new online chat function will become available.

We would like to hear feedback from our relations on this new platform.


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We always respond within 24 hours On working days.

We always respond within 24 hours On working days.

Available between 08:00 and 17:00 o’clock from Monday until Friday.